We use a mindfulness approach at Epping North Pre-school to create a caring, nurturing atmosphere where everyone is valued for being unique. We recognise the connectiveness of mind, body and spirit. All areas of childrens development- social, emotional, physical, cognitive and language need to be fostered. Healthy eating is an everyday event and some special occasions allow children to experience sometimes foods. Our Code of Ethics ensures every child is cared for in a safe and nurturing environment.Educators believe that children need to be exposed to Literacy, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

2022 Term Dates:

Term 1: 28th January -  8th  April

Term 2: 26th April - 24th June

Term 3: 11th July - 16th September

Term 4 : 3rd  October - 20th December


  • The Pre-School is closed for all Public Holidays.
  • In-service Days - Staff attend in-service days during the year. Kinder sessions may be cancelled on these occasions.
  • Preparation Days - Staff are entitled to some non contact (child free) days during the year to set up, clean, etc.

AGM: 24th October 7pm

A zoom meeting will be held

Reports will be discussed

Children's groups and orientation times will be reported

Committee of management positions will be elected

Opportunity for questions


Every educator is actively involved in our program so that each child gets the very best education possible. Every educator has an individual staff development plan and takes ownership of one development project that is over and above their everyday duties. We strive to exceed. To read about our Pedagogy and Teaching Theory, and individual teachers interests and work click Here