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Child Safe Environment Policy

Delivery and Collection of Children Policy

Emergency and Evacuation Policy

Child Protection Policy

Fees Policy

Asthma Policy

Anaphylaxis Policy

Administration of Medication Policy

Administration of First Aid Policy

Water Safety Policy

Supervision of Children Policy

Sun Protection Policy

Staffing Policy

Staff health and wellbeing policy

Road Safety And Safe Transport Policy

Relaxation and Sleep Policy

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Interactions with Children Policy

Information and Communication Technology

Inclusion and Equity Policy

Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness Policy

Hygiene Policy

Code of Conduct Policy

Complaints and Grievances Policy

Curriculum Development Policy

Dealing with Infectious Diseases Policy

Enrolment and Orientation Policy


Quality Improvement Plan 2020-2021

Information Book 2021


We will start a duty roster for parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. once the children have settled into the normal sessions times. These are your child's "special days" and ones they greatly look forward to. It is also an opportunity for you to see what we do at Kinder and see how your child functions in the kinder environment with the other children and staff. You can choose your preferred day/days in the first week of each term, by placing your name on the duty roster, which is placed along side the attendance book outside the kinder room.



Kinder clothes are play clothes and preferably old! Please dress your child in clothes that wash easily so that they can really enjoy all the activities both indoors and outdoors. We have a lot of messy activities and even though we do have smocks for these activities, the children's clothes do get dirty.
Remember to dress your child appropriately for the weather.

During 1st and 4th terms the children must have a sun hat for every session. During the colder weather a coat and beanie is needed. Children must NOT wear thongs or scuff - type shoes to pre-School. Either shoes or sandals must be worn. During summer the children are permitted to have bare feet in the sandpit area.

It is advised that you keep a change of clothes in your child's bag. They may need to be changed at Kinder, as clothes can get wet or a child may have a toileting accident.


Parents are asked to send along sun protective hats for their child. Sunscreen should be applied at home, at least 15 minutes prior to the session. If the temperature is excessive - 40 degrees or higher, the session will be cancelled. Please help us by naming your child's items clearly.
Hats are compulsory for outdoor play in terms 1 and 4.


If your child is unwell and cannot attend please contact the teachers. If your child is overtired, heat exhausted or has a temperature, please keep your child at home because children in these states do not benefit from the program. If your child has a cold which has developed into a heavy discharge, please keep your child at home in fairness to other children and staff.
If one of your older or younger children is unwell, he / she should not be brought into the kindergarten. So please remember if your child is not well enough for school, he/she is not well enough for kinder.
If your child becomes ill during the session you or your emergency contact person will be notified to come and collect your child.
If your child is on medication then the medication book must be completed in order for staff to be able to administer this. Staff cannot administer the first dosage of any medication.

Regulations state specific times that your child would need to be absent in the case of communicable diseases. A copy has been included for your reference.

Please let your teacher know if your child does develop one of these infections, as we need to alert other families that their children may also be infected.


Children are asked to bring along their own snack box from home each session. The children really enjoy finding different foods you have packed for them. Snack time gives children the independence of unwrapping and opening items in their lunchbox. With two staff and usually a mum to lend a hand the children soon learn these much needed skills for school.

The children are required to bring a Healthy snack. Some suggestions are:

  • A piece of fruit
  • yogurt
  • vegetable pieces
  • cheese
  • sandwiches
  • dry biscuits
  • cake
  • a drink of water

We ask that the children do not bring chocolates, lollies, muslei bars & chips etc. Please remember it is only a snack; so do not over pack lunchboxes.


Please ensure that your child has had their 3 year old Maternal and Child Health Check prior to enrolment at pre-school. Bring the completed Health Assessment when your child begins kindergarten.

We ask that parents/care givers be prompt when bringing and collecting their child. Children often become upset if you are late collecting them. Staff would really appreciate your help with this, as every day staff need to clean, set up for the next session, and try to fit in a bite to eat.

Parents are responsible for their children until kinder opens. Children cannot be left in the foyer on their own, as they need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian into the kinder room.

Regulations now require parents to sign their children  "in and out" of Kinder each day. Please make sure you record the exact time, and not the times our sessions run - we need an exact record of when each child starts and ends their care with us. We cannot allow your child to be collected by anyone not on your authorization form (please advise of any changes as soon as possible) and another sibling, under the age of 12, must not collect your child, as he/she must be an adult. If your child is going to be absent for more than a few days, as a result of illness, holidays, etc, then we must be notified.




The attendance book is situated in the foyer, at the kinder door


Every educator is actively involved in our program so that each child gets the very best education possible. Every educator has an individual staff development plan and takes ownership of one development project that is over and above their everyday duties. We strive to exceed. To read about our Pedagogy and Teaching Theory, and individual teachers interests and work click Here