MISS KRIS is the Educational Leader of Epping North Pre-school and teaches blue group with Miss Angela, and team teaches green group with Miss Marisa and Miss Tracy. She began working as the Director of Epping North Pre-school in 2001 and has also worked in two rural Pre-schools. She is a resident of South Morang and her family have attended local schools, sporting groups, and enjoy connecting with the community. Miss Kris believes that mindfulness, sharing successes and appreciating the here and now are valuable teaching tools. Miss Kris is passionate about the uniqueness of everyone, and loves being involved in the early years where the foundations for future learning takes place.

MISS MARISA teaches the three-year-old Yellow Group and team teaches the four-year-old Green Group. She joined Epping North Pre-School in 2011 after completing a Graduate Diploma of Education (Early Childhood) at RMIT. She joined the teaching profession quite late after a career break to have her own family. It was during this time she began to appreciate the importance of early childhood education and made the decision to leave her career as a journalist to pursue her passion for teaching. Miss Marisa takes a holistic view of teaching and recognises and celebrates each child’s uniqueness and experiences and enjoys connecting with families to achieve the optimal outcome for each child.

MISS ANGELA is a co-educator in blue and yellow groups. And has her Certificate 3 in Children’s Services. She loves working with young children and watching how they grow and develop. She has been working at Epping North Pre-school since 2010.

Miss LACEY is co-educator of the four-year-old Green Group with Miss Marisa and Miss Kris. She joined Epping North Preschool in 2020; Lacey has a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. Miss Lacey has worked in long day care services in all rooms as a Room Leader, enjoying the many different ages and challenges of the variety ages. Miss Lacey has also pursued training in working with Additional needs children and worked with a variety of children with additional needs and thoroughly enjoyed this. Miss Lacey believes in a strong sense of belonging for the child to develop to their full potential, that every child needs to be involved learns, that every child has the right to good quality education, establishing a good strong foundation in early childhood education and especially that every child has the right to play. Play provides the opportunity for all to learn as they play, discover, create, improvise and imagine.

Pedagogy & Teaching Theory Child development theorists inspire our teaching styles and program. Lev Yygotsky ~ emphasises the importance of children connecting and sharing experiences. Creating opportunities for children to work with peers in both small and large group settings is highly important. Developing strong, deep relationships with educators is valued, and this allows educators to scaffold childrens play. Play is crucial, especially imaginary play. In all learning the process is valuable. It is not important what children create, but that they do create, that they exercise and implement their creative imagination. Howard Gardner ~ values children as powerful teachers. Learning should occur in social contexts where children are peer mentors and are encouraged to support each other in shared learning. Creativity and the arts are important learning tools. Children follow projects which interest them and allow them to be independent in their learning. Cathy Walker ~ combines formalised learning within a learning environment that is rich in creativity, exploration and investigation. Educators set up personalised learning environments and children are active learners. Reggio Emilia ~ highlights the importance of following children’s interests. There is a strong focus on social collaboration, group work, and language. The child leads the learning; the teacher guides and mentors. The environment is a teacher and should be executed carefully to facilitate learning.



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